Journey in Maya

Maya sounds like an ancient place, right? The place is in fact very amazing and wonderful! When you see it by your own, you will surely be stunned by its unique beauty. A lot of tourists visit the place because of its magnificent beauty. The nature and environment is very peaceful especially when you visit the tourist attractions and destinations. It is a very good and perfect place to relax and unwind when you’re feeling stress from work or any stressful activities.

Are you an animal lover or fond of wildlife? There’s a perfect place for you if you want to see wild animals. Not only that. Do you want to see exotic plants? What about insects which you might have never seen in your whole life? Maya is a place wherein you can witness all of these! To be exact, if you want to see these wonderful creatures, please make time to visit Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.

This sanctuary was intended for the safety and protection of the wild animals as well as the nature itself. The place is also known as a sanctuary for Jaguars. In order to protect them and preserve their species, they are kept in this beautiful place. Around the world, Jaguars are a very rare animal species because they are being hunted.

Thankfully, in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, they are being preserved and protected. When you visit the place, you will not only see such a beautiful view of wildlife. There are plenty of adventures to do in Maya! So, what are you waiting for? Book you tickets now and visit this wonderful place!