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Some interesting things you may not know about Mexico and its people

Welcome to another article to introduce you to the country of Mexico and its people. This country has much to offer and its people are also full of interesting information. In this article, you will know some of the interesting facts about the country and also its people. Through a video, you will learn about […]

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The 4 recommended places to visit in the city of Cancun, Mexico

Because of much bad news that has circulated around the world about the country of Mexico, many people are wondering if it is safe to travel there and if what are the things they can find there. There are many things that they had in mind and that is the reason that they do not […]

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The new and amazing discovery on the nesting doll pyramid

It has been studied many times about things that are related to the Mayans as each of them shed light on what happened to the ancient civilization that is flourishing but has been gone. For long years it has been a mystery why such a civilization could end. Now as many discoveries and studies have been […]

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The Mayans and their calendars: Will the earth end or continue to exist?

The history of the world has let us know about great civilizations that have happened and one of them is the Mayan civilization. Because of what they can do and what they left for the world that made them very famous people. But their existence did not last long as their civilization suddenly ended and is […]

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The 6 popular ways doomsday would happen on earth on December 2012

It has been known that there are the theories or prediction that was made by the Mayans who have lived during the ancient times. They are a very successful civilization and are making their own mark on this earth until they met their time of demise. They are a civilization who are standing high and […]

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Presenting the interesting pyramid information around the world

The pyramids are one of the great work of people that have been recorded that dates back to the ancient times. It is one that has now become a tourist destination. It is a structure that many have the delight of visiting as they reflect many things and it shows how one should be able […]

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The tips on how to survive for one year when doomsday comes

No one really knows about the future of mankind on this earth basing on the theories and knowledge the world have. Even if there are many scholars or expert professionals but none of them could give us a solid conclusion on what would be the fate of mankind. We just know that there would come […]

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The Religion and Beliefs in Mexico

Just like any other country, Mexico has different religion and beliefs. Since they were influenced by the Spaniards, obviously, most of the population are Catholics. There are also tribes who keep their own beliefs and practices known as the Indians. They are known to be cults because they use blood when having sacrifices to their […]

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A Guide to the Top Tourist Destination in Mexico

In order to help you plan for your trip to Mexico, here is a list of the top destinations as well as top things to do after arriving to this wonderful and exciting place! You will surely not regret to choose this place for you to explore. There are a lot of exciting things and […]

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Mayan Temples Guide: The 10 Mayan temples located in Belize

The place where Mayans lived before has become a tourists destinations and a great place for an archeological work. Until now there are many interesting things that they are discovering that makes us more interested in the Mayans and their culture but it also shed lights on some questions not yet answered. There is much […]

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