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Maya Center Mayan Museum

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It’s Mission:

“To Revive, Educate and Promote the Mayan Culture and create employment through sustainable tourism, while we entertain”.

Entry Fee: US$10.00 per person.

Students: US$7:50 p/p

About The Maya Center Mayan Museum

Maya Center Mayan MuseumThe Maya Center Maya Museum is an individual effort of Julio and Heliadora Saqui. It was inaugurated on the 5th February, 2010 and was officially declared open Mrs. Diane Haylock, President of N.I.C.H.

Having worked closely with indigenous Mayan people like myself, struggling to protect and preserve Mayan land and to gain recognition and rights to land, that they live on, I am very happy to be one of those who helped write the book “The Maya Atlas of Belize”. A historic work headed by the late Julian Cho, a great Mayan Leader, that was later recognized by the Belize Audubon Society and was awarded the “James A. Waight Award” in 1999.

Many years later, I have realized that one of the most important work of CUTURAL PRESERVATION and PROTECTION is not being carried out. I approached some funding agents for financial assistance to carry out this project but, was turned down. I went ahead with the project and 1 1/2 year later, the Maya Center Maya Museum was born. Today I welcome you to join me on a comprehensive tour of the new Maya Museum.

Mayan KitchenMuch of our visitors/tourist that travels frequently to Belize to visit the land of the Mayas, don’t really get to see and enjoy what is real Mayan. It is very difficult to do this if your time is limited. The only way you can really do this is by visiting the Maya Museum.

At the museum, we will take you on a step by step tour of the life and livelihood of the living Mayas of Belize. We have collected and compiled the history and culture, tools, musical instrument, cultural dance, clothing, pottery, home made sugar cane mill and hunting tools.

We have constructed and build a Typical Mayan house, to house all these items, so you can truly walk into a Mayan house, while you are enjoying the display. The Maya Museum is a little more different that regular museums. We are a living museum!

You will also get a chance to see the how wild coffee bean is roasted, on the clay hot plate, making of Cocoa bean into chocolate drink, tortilla making, sugar cane crushing, live cultural marimba playing and dancing and most of all you get to participate in all of the activities at the Maya Museum.

Inside the Mayan MuseumMany of our visiting guests are asking for some coffee to take back home after the demonstrations. This made us start producing MAYAN COFFEE. In the Mayan Kitchen, my wife Heliadora will demonstrate to you how our new product “Mayan Coffee” is made. She toasts the coffee on the Clay Comal and grinds the coffee bean on the grinding stone in the Mayan Kitchen, packed and sealed for sale. She packs it fresh, the best homemade coffee. Take some home and brew you own coffee. Some of the major hotels and restaurant are using it already. It is our hope to start producing Mayan corn biscuit, chocolate and ground Mayan pepper for sale, so that we can generate income to be able to sustain the Mayan Museum and create more job for local people.

Student groups, Tour groups, Family and individuals are welcome. Call us at 660 – 3903 or 668-2194

High School Students, College Students and University students are most welcome. The tour is about 45 minutes, but can be longer on a more detail explanation of various items on display with demonstrations involved.

For live marimba players and Dancers, there is an additional fee of US$150.00

Marimba playing

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